The Proposed Deal


We're looking for investors to help fund the purchase of and the full development costs of potential premium buildings projects sourced by us. The investor to have 1st charge on developing site.

We have 16 tradesmen al specialising in their respective fields. We have a number of full thorough internal systems set up to run and orchestrate a building development.


Proposal Site Example


Site Purchase Price: £1.2m

Development Value: £600k

Total Req. from Investor £1.8m

Duration of Development: 6 months

Gross Developed Value: £2.884m

Total Equity: £1.084m

50% split profit figure: £542k

Our Investor Proposal

Building Development

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J.L.P. Group Limited

Quantum Building Developments Ltd

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Please email if you are interested in this particular investment quoting: 'Site 2/09'

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